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Customized care keeps you at your healthiest

When you need care — particularly specialty care — seeing different doctors in different practices can leave a lot of room for error. They don’t share your information with one another, so they’re not familiar with your medical history, and can rely only on your memory of your visits with specialists and other doctors. So, unless you take notes and carry them from physician to physician, the care you get may not be truly tailored to your precise health needs. And if your condition or medications change, you may just have to start over from scratch and hope you can remember it all. 

In Kaiser Permanente’s integrated system, your doctors, pharmacists, and diagnostic technicians all work together as a team in support of your health. They’re linked by your electronic medical record, which is updated after every visit to your doctor and accessible by your entire team. So, they know what tests were ordered, any recent test results, what medicines were prescribed, and even all of your next scheduled appointments.

All this frees you from having to manage your care on your own. It also helps your care team customize treatments made just for you — and for how you live.

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Our integrated system connects the dots for your health

Seamless care delivery

In our integrated system, you don’t fill out forms when you see your doctors. Each appointment is tracked in your electronic medical record to keep your care team up to date on your overall health picture. This makes it easy for them to consult with one another, which produces better health outcomes for you. And your medical record also extends to care you get outside of your doctor’s exam room.

Advanced Urgent Care

If you have an immediate health concern, many of our medical centers in the region offer 24/7 Advanced Urgent Care. These facilities are designed to handle serious, non-life-threatening situations, and typically offer more in-house services than Urgent Care, such as CT scan, cardiac monitoring, and more

Our integrated approach means that emergency doctors in our Advanced Urgent Care locations have access to your medical records, which means greater speed to treatment using your specific health condition information. If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911. Learn more about our Urgent Care services.


Kaiser Permanente’s telehealth options — phone, online, video1 — provide timesaving, convenient ways to get care. And if you have an immediate non-life-threatening care need but can’t get to a medical center, you can get prompt, same-day virtual care with no appointment.

All of these services are linked to your digital health record in our integrated system, so it’s also seamless and hassle-free. And you’ll have the same level of quality care that you get with your own doctor.

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