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When it comes to care, we know that quality of care and innovation are key to staying at your healthiest. That’s why you should choose Kaiser Permanente for your care — it’s built for your specific health needs.

Switch to a plan that supports your health with innovation

Kaiser Permanente, the region’s leading health system,1 uses tools and technology to deliver convenient, seamless care, including remote monitoring and doctor-to-doctor video consultations. And you’ll have access to clinical trials and research studies that help us improve patient outcomes.

Our skilled doctors deliver quality care you can trust

Our 1,700+ physicians across the region practice in 50+ specialties and subspecialties, and they’re recruited from the top medical schools in the country. Only 1 applicant in 5 becomes a Permanente physician. Many are recognized as Top Doctors annually in local publications.2 And our health plan received the highest rating in the region.3

Your care is personalized for who you are and what you need

An integrated system means that your care team shares information with one another through your digital health record. They all know your health history, medications, test results, and more, and tailor your care and treatment to your specific health needs and lifestyle.

Learn more about how an integrated system works.

Leading health care powered by digital convenience

Kaiser Permanente delivers our high-quality care with digital tools that enable you to manage and receive care via the Kaiser Permanente app.4 With it, you can:

  • Schedule appointments

  • Message your physicians

  • Refill prescriptions

  • Check medical records and test results

  • Access self-care apps like Headspace Care, Calm, and myStrength Complete with no additional costs for most plans5,6

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Learn more about our approach to care 


Headspace Care

Text one-on-one with an emotional support coach anytime, anywhere. Support is just a text message away.

  • 24/7 text-based emotional support coaching
  • Action plan with your coach based on your goals and challenges
  • Self-care resources recommended for your needs


The number one app for sleep and meditation — designed to help lower stress, anxiety, and more.

  • More than 100 guided meditations
  • Sleep Stories for deeper, more restful sleep
  • Exclusive music tracks for focus, relaxation, and sleep

myStrength Complete

A comprehensive, flexible digital program with proven tools and support for stress, sleep management, depression, anxiety, and more.

  • A personalized support plan
  • Tools to manage stress, depression, sleep, and more
  • Hundreds of activities, articles, and videos

The truth about choice

What does “choice” get you in traditional health care? Redundant and expensive tests. Having to take your medical information from doctor to doctor and back. The burden of finding a specialist on your own. Physicians who don’t work together in the best interest of your health unless YOU make them. Insurers who make the decisions about your care and treatment — not you and your doctor.

Why not choose something different — like a health system that combines both care and coverage in support of your overall health and wellness? That’s Kaiser Permanente. 

In our system, all our doctors are connected to each other to collaborate on your care, supported by pharmacists, nurses, diagnostic technicians, wellness coaches, nutritionists, and your health plan. You never have to act as a middleman with your medical history and billing. You’re never left on your own to search for specialty care. You never have to look in multiple locations for important health information. And you and your doctor decide on the right treatment for you — not the insurance company. So, you always get precisely the care you need. To us, the choice seems pretty clear.



We deliver nationally recognized care

In 2023, we received the highest rating in the region, a 5 out of 5, for our commercial health plan.3 And in the survey Best Health Insurance Companies of 2023 by, Kaiser Permanente as a national enterprise is rated #1 overall among 60+ insurance carriers.


We deliver care built around you

In our integrated system, your entire team personalizes your care by sharing information through your digital health record. So, you never need to carry your paperwork from doctor to doctor. And your team can customize your care to your specific health needs, lifestyle, and preferences.


We deliver care your way

We make it easy for you to get care. In addition to in-person visits, our telehealth options — video visits, 24/7 phone advice from a nurse, and Mail Order Pharmacy — let you stay on top of your care from anywhere.7,8

We deliver innovative health care solutions

We employ advanced technologies and techniques, such as remote monitoring and doctor-to-doctor video consultations, to deliver care. And thanks to our own research division, which includes the study of infectious diseases, we also offer you access to the latest in medical explorations and clinical trials. 

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