Our physicians are recruited from the top medical schools in the nation and rigorously vetted before joining the Permanente Medical Group, and only 1 in 5 applicants become Permanente physicians. Because of our unique care model that allows them to focus solely on their patients, many doctors actively pursue opportunities to practice in a Permanente Medical Group — and every Permanente doctor is board-certified.

Kaiser Permanente offers a plan for every budget and every lifestyle. Whether you’re single and healthy, have a family, or are managing an ongoing condition, you can find a plan that will fit your specific financial and medical needs.

Rather than having limited choice, Kaiser Permanente members are actually freed from the uncertainty of knowing whether they’re getting quality care. Our doctors are recruited from the top medical schools in the nation — so you can be confident that you’re getting the care you need, no matter who your physician is. Our doctors, and the quality of care they deliver, have been recognized as part of the top health plan in the region.1

If you would like to see doctors that are not in-network for specialty care, you can choose a plan that gives you access to not only 1,700+ Permanente physicians throughout the region, but also thousands of physicians who have private practices in the community. No matter which doctor you see, your plan will still be part of Kaiser Permanente’s integrated system where you can take advantage of our telehealth options, get medical attention at any of our 24/7 Advanced Urgent Care centers, use kp.org to manage your care, and much more.

Kaiser Permanente is an alliance between Kaiser Foundation Health Plans and their respective Permanente Medical Groups. The agreement between these two organizations means that as a member, you’ll have coverage provided by the health plan, and will get care from the medical group in the region where you’re a member. This also means that your health care is connected — all of your doctors work in sync to support your care, sharing your information via an digital health record. And because these two organizations work in tandem, you don’t have to worry about managing your own care — you don’t have to call around to see what’s covered, tote paperwork to appointments, or find a specialist on your own. This integrated structure means your care is seamless.

You can change doctors anytime, for any reason, without having to transfer your records on your own. Just search our doctor profiles and choose one that best fits your needs. Your new doctor will have access to all of your health history right away.

Most Kaiser Permanente plans permit you to get prescriptions only from a Kaiser Permanent pharmacy. Some plans allow you to get prescriptions out-of-network, but when you get prescriptions from a Kaiser Permanente pharmacy, you can easily fill them online and even have them delivered right to your door.2

If you have an immediate care need that is non–life threatening, you can go to any of our 24/7 Advanced Urgent Care locations in the region. You can receive care for minor injuries and illnesses, and the emergency doctor you see will have access to your electronic health record, including medications—they can even see what appointments you have scheduled.

Our multiple telehealth options — 24/7 advice by phone, video visits,3 Get Care Now, which provides prompt virtual care with no appointment, email, Mail Order Pharmacy,2 remote monitoring — make it easy for you to get the care you need at the time you need it, without disruption to your day. 

You can schedule a video visit3​ with your primary care physician. Or, if you need care that can’t wait for a scheduled visit, you can book a virtual visit with any available Permanente doctor. Any doctor you see has access to your electronic health record, so you’ll always receive the same quality of care.

If you’re hurt or sick while traveling, we’ll help you get care. Before you leave for your trip, we’ll make sure you have what you need, including vaccines, prescriptions, and more. You’ll also have access to our 24/7 Away from Home Travel line at 951-268-3900.

Every Permanente physician who practices in the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group is board-certified, which means they demonstrate a mastery of knowledge and skills in their chosen area of medicine.

If you require specialty care for a health concern, your primary care physician will refer you to the right specialist. They can even make the appointment for you. Your specialist will have access to your health history, including medications prescribed, past surgeries or procedures, and more.

Many surgeries can be performed as outpatient procedures in our Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Major procedures will be performed at one of the premier hospitals that Kaiser Permanente has teamed with throughout the region.4 These hospitals include:

  • Maryland:  Anne Arundel Medical Center, Doctors Community Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital, Holy Cross Germantown Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Suburban Hospital, University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center
  • Virginia: Reston Hospital Center, Stafford Hospital, Virginia Hospital Center
  • Washington, DC:  Children’s National Health System, MedStar Washington Hospital Center

When you’re living with a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure, we help you manage your condition and stay on top of the care you need. Your primary care doctor works with your specialist to personalize your care based on both your specific care needs and your lifestyle. For certain conditions, you’re automatically enrolled in a disease management program to get your condition under control. And you also have access to remote monitoring, which allows your Permanente doctor to check your numbers in real time and take any corrective action that may be needed right away.

Kaiser Permanente supports not only your physical health, but also your mental health. Since your mind and body are connected, we offer care that keeps your mind, body, and spirit at their healthiest. You can see a behavioral health specialist without a referral at Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente currently has almost 40 medical centers located throughout the Mid-Atlantic States region. Find the one that’s closest to you.

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