Innovations in health care ​

Technology that promotes your health and well-being

Advancements in medicine, including access to care, typically result in better health outcomes. And at Kaiser Permanente, we’ve engineered ways for our members to stay on top of their wellness with convenient telehealth options, a robust research program, and facilities that make getting quality care easier.

Innovations in health care, like video visits,1 have become a primary means of accessing care for many people. Yet most providers are new to the virtual game. Kaiser Permanente has been there all along — we’ve offered virtual care to our members for almost 20 years, helping them get care at their convenience and without great impact to their day.

Besides video visits, you’ll have access to a number of time- and effort-saving telehealth tools that include:

  • Remote monitoring from home for real-time observation of chronic conditions
  • Doctor-to-doctor video consultations in the exam room
  • 24/7 phone advice with a registered nurse who’s connected to an on-call doctor
  • Email your doctor and typically get a response within 48 hours

But what sets us apart is that all of our telehealth options are linked to your digital health record — so your care is connected to your entire team and to doctors who know you. This innovation means you get care that’s specific to your health needs and history, and treatment that’s tailored just for you.

Research that keeps you on the cutting edge of care

Our leading-edge clinical research division makes it possible to study a variety of health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, infectious diseases, and more. It also gives our members access to the latest clinical trials and advanced medical techniques. This exploration helps us understand risk and determine how to improve patient outcomes.

Learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s research and innovation.

All-inclusive care means more convenience for you

Kaiser Permanente has several leading-edge facilities throughout the region that are designed to deliver care that would usually require a trip to the hospital. These select 24/7 medical centers feature Advanced Urgent Care services that address non-life-threatening health matters and help you avoid the ER, and also include 24/7 laboratory, X-ray, and pharmacy services. Some even offer ambulatory surgery centers: health care facilities for surgical procedures that don’t require an overnight hospital stay.

New medical centers near you

With a number of new medical centers recently opened throughout the region, Kaiser Permanente is bringing innovative care to more communities.

All-inclusive care centers near you

* This center does not feature an ambulatory surgery center.

*These centers offer extended laboratory hours.

*** These centers offer extended pharmacy hours. 

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